About Us

What We Are

Samirahan is an Import / Export / Retail business specializing in international trade and online retail. Our credentials are as follows,

  • Trade License:
  • VAT Registration BIN:

What We Do

We source our products from Australia, Egypt & several other countries by using them ourselves & therefore evaluating them to ensure we bring the best of the world to you.

The journey of our products from source to shipping is carefully supervised by the owner & overseas family members; in Bangladesh, our in-house C&F team clears customs most efficiently & then escorts the products from port to inventory with utmost care.

This allows us to offer you, our customers, only the most innovative, exotic, supreme quality products that are 100% authentic, unadulterated & pure, at the most competitive prices; delivered through a simple, pleasant & secure online shopping experience unlike any other.
Hence, we say in Aussie style, it's a fair dinkum unique shopping experience mate!

Why We Do It

As a couple coming from two different backgrounds & continents, we love to travel & learn about new places & cultures, so as a result we've run into many products & luxuries overseas that have either impacted our lives in a positive way or become favorites that we can't live without. These products are close to our heart & they've made our lives better, that's why we wish that our family, friends & fellow citizen can also enjoy the benefits of such products without the fear of being scammed, overcharged or ending up with fake products (Jinjira trouble? LOL).

We established Samirahan with the intention of becoming a bridge between Bangladesh & countries like Australia, Egypt, Canada, etc. Our ambition is to bring joy & happiness to our beloved people of Bangladesh through our imports, while we bring glory & prosperity to our nation through our exports.

Hopefully you like our products just as much as we do & we wish they have a positive impact on your life as well.

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Happy shopping & thanks for visiting our site!

The Founders

Owner (Samirahan Bangladesh) -

Saiham Siraj

  • MSc in Mechanical / Acoustics & MBA.
  • Born in Bangladesh & resident of Australia.

Owner Consort (Samirahan Egypt) - 

Nourhan Elsawy

  • M.A in Media.
  • Born in Egypt & resident of Australia.