Authenticity of Online Sellers & Products in Bangladesh - A Mystery Revealed

There is no hiding from the fact that the Bangladeshi market for almost all products are infected by various malpractices such as supplying customers sub-par / counterfeit / adulterated / fake / duplicated goods, even when the customer pays the premium prices.

This raises various questions in the consumer's mind,

  • How can I verify if an Online Store in Dhaka is real or a scam?
  • Are these online products and services fake or duplicated?
  • Will I ever receive these products?
  • Or did I just lose my hard-earned money to a fraud?

If you are an individual who has to rely heavily on online shopping to fulfill the need for authentic products and therefore, pondering on the above questions one way or another, here are some tips that may help you identify and avoid fake products / fraudulent sellers / scammers while shopping online:

  • Make sure the website shows its address and phone number clearly in any of its Footer / About Us / Contact Us sections.
  • Verify the address by making a quick check on Google Maps to ensure the seller has a genuine physical presence.
  • You can verify the phone number by using a phone app such as Truecaller or simply by calling them.
  • According to Bangladeshi rules and regulations, as outlined in the Digital Business Identity (DBID) Registration Guidelines 2022, any legal online business must display business certifications such as Trade License Number, VAT / BIN Number or DBID Number in the site (usually found in Footer).
  • It is also worth checking the site policies to ensure all Terms of Service are suitable to your preferences. The purpose of these checks are to ensure this is a real business entity and not a scam / fraudulent seller.
  • Always read and understand the details / information in the product page thoroughly before you buy. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide the consumer complete information on what they are offering. Order only after you are satisfied with the level of clarity and transparency shown by the seller. Consider calling the seller if you have any questions. A trustworthy seller will always ensure a swift and friendly customer service.
  • Watch out for Verified Reviews of products to see what other customers are saying about the item or seller. Do note that reviews on Facebook are never verified and can be faked, so it is wise to always check the website for Verified Reviews that are provided by customers after real purchases and certified by third-party apps. Be careful of sites showing generic reviews without verification, usually shown without a verified tick.
  • Where possible, opt for making Payments Online via Credit Card or Online Money Transfers such as bKash. Although it may sound scary to pay in advance (we understand the suspicion but hear us out), this is the most secure way for you to pay, as it leaves a digital trace of the transaction so the seller can’t risk delivering fake or sub-par goods to you. On the other hand, if you pay Cash on Delivery, it will not be easy for you to prove your claim if something went wrong.
  • After placing the order, check that you received some form of Order Confirmation or Invoice as a reference, with the Order Number and all other details included.

Hopefully these steps will help you understand whether an Online Store / Product is genuine or fake and make an informed decision before you place the order.

Here at Samirahan, our mission is to provide our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters with the same level of Online Shopping Safety and Convenience that we enjoy in Australia or other developed countries. To show our commitment, we have implemented the following:

  • We are a Google verified Business with presence on Google Maps in Bangladesh, Australia and Canada.
  • Our Trade License, VAT / BIN and DBID certificates are displayed in our footer.
  • You will find all our Terms and Conditions clearly shown in our footer.
  • Our product pages contain information and details as complete as humanly possible, including full descriptions, brand info, ingredients, nutritional facts, how to use, warnings, storage advice, product origin, informative videos, photos, etc. So you can make your purchase decision with utmost knowledge and peace of mind. We believe in transparency and that is what you shall receive.
  • All our site reviews are verified by which is a certified third-party app which only permits / accepts reviews from customers who have purchased the product, based on transactional evidence.
  • We accept most online payment methods available in Bangladesh, for your convenience and safety. We are powered by SSLCOMMERZ, the most reputed and trusted Payment Gateway Aggregator in Bangladesh.
  • You can receive electronic communications from us, regarding order confirmations or any changes to your order. Do not forget to Signup to our site, to earn Rewards as you shop and receive emails with the latest updates and deals.


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